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The treasurer is responsible for billing and collecting the current year real and personal property taxes, delinquent personal property taxes, mobile home specific taxes, industrial facilities specific taxes, keeping records of receipts and expenditures, issuing township checks, disbursing collections to various taxing entities including schools, county, state, and libraries; and depositing and investing revenues with approved financial establishments. The treasurer posts a surety bond for the collection and disbursement of taxes. The treasurer is responsible for settling the tax roll with the county in March and returning delinquent taxes to the county treasurer for collection. The treasurer appoints a deputy treasurer. These are all duties required by state statute.

The Olive Township treasurer is also the chairperson and treasurer of the Olive Township Fire Board. The Fire Board oversees and directs the Olive Township Fire Rescue Department.

The current Olive Township Treasurer, Randy Vander Zwaag, has served 34 years as the treasurer. Randy is a lifelong resident of the township and lives on a sesquicentennial farm. Before becoming treasurer Randy served on the Zoning Board now called the Planning Commission, and he also served on the Board of Review for many years.

Summer Taxes are due September 14
Winter Taxes are due February 14
On the first of March, taxes are payable to the Ottawa County Treasurer. Call 616-994- 4501 for amount.

The deferment of summer taxes is available for eligible senior citizens, and agricultural properties. Deferment forms are available at the township office or by clicking here. The completed form must be filed with the township treasurer at the township office by September 15 each year.

Ottawa County dog licenses can be purchased online, by mail, or in person at the Ottawa County Treasurer’s office on Fillmore Street. They can also be purchased from participating veterinarians and the Harbor Humane Society. A list of participating veterinarians is posted on the County website.