As a member of the township board, the supervisor is the presiding and executive officer of the board and has an equal voice and vote in the proceedings of the board. The supervisor authenticates by his signature any instruments which the board and the laws of the state or the federal government may require. He is the township’s agent for the transaction of legal business.

The supervisor is the secretary of the Board of Review. The supervisor by state statute is responsible for the preparation of the tax roll and warrant, and delivery of the same to the township treasurer. Because of certification requirements the township has a hired assessor to perform the tax roll preparation duties on the supervisor’s behalf. The supervisor develops the township budget, and brings it to the township board for review and approval. The supervisor appoints some commission members, serves on the election committee and is authorized to call special meetings.

The current Olive Township Supervisor, Al Nienhuis, is the tenth supervisor to hold the office since 1945.