The Planning & Zoning Department serves to ensure the implementation and integrity of all Township ordinances. Uses or improvements on residential, business, industrial or recreational properties generally need review and approval by the Planning and Zoning Department. Prior to considering a new use or improvement on your property you should check with the Planning and Zoning Department to make sure you if you need review and approval.

Olive Township requires a permit prior to the construction of any structure, building, fence or any other activity that will affect the landscape of the Township. Visit the Building Department page for more information; make sure you have the appropriate permits in place before beginning any construction.

Various applications require review by different boards and commissions of the Township. Almost all development applications require review by both the Planning Commission and the Board of Trustees. Applications considered by the Zoning Board of Appeals include dimensional and use variance applications as well as applications to appeal an administrative decision.

Applications must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the meeting at which it will be considered. Please contact the Township Hall to verify all meeting dates as they are subject to change.

The Code Enforcement Officer performs inspections and investigations concerning violations of local and state laws. Makes determinations of nuisance violations, unsafe building conditions and violations of any health, building or land use regulation, statute or ordinance. The officer aids property owners in the abatement of nuisances.

US-31 Architectural Overlay District Design Manual

This design manual serves as an informational guide regarding the provisions of the US-31 Architectural Overlay District. The purpose of this District is to provide for minimum architectural design of commercial and industrial buildings and structures located along US-31.

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