Olive Township’s Building Department is comprised of three companies who have contracted with the township to perform the review and inspection of electrical, mechanical, plumbing and building work done in the township.

All applications are submitted to the township office.

Olive Township has a zoning ordinance that governs what can be done with a piece of property. The Michigan Building Code 2012 and the Michigan Residential Code 2015 regulates how buildings and structures are constructed.

Permit and Inspection Information:

  • Electrical, Mechanical & Plumbing

    Electrical, mechanical and plumbing permit applications must be accompanied by payment of the fees associated with the work being done. The township office collects the fee, issues a permit number, returns the signed application to the applicant and forwards the application to the appropriate inspector. The contractor contacts the inspector to arrange inspections.

  • Building Permits

    Building Permit applications must be completely filled out and signed by the applicant. Along with the application the following items are required:

    1. Three copies of building plans.
    2. A site plan, either drawn on page three of the application, or a survey showing distances from the structure to lot lines.
    3. A driveway permit from the Ottawa County Road Commission (if a new driveway off a public road is being installed). Contact OCRC at 616-850-7216, or go to driveway permit application.
    4. Well and septic permits from the Ottawa County Environmental Health Department for new homes. Call 616-393-5645, or go to Environmental Health applications.
    5. If there will be earth changes that disturb one or more acres, or your structure is within 500 feet of a county drain, a Soil Erosion Permit must be obtained from the Ottawa County Water Resource Commissioner.
    6. If you are doing anything with a county drain including culvert installation, drain clean-outs, connections to the drain, or utility crossings, you must obtain a permit from the Ottawa County Water Resource Commissioner.
    7. A check made payable to P.C.I. for zoning approval of residential structures.
      For construction projects under 1,000 square feet: $50.00
      For construction projects 1,000 square feet and over: $75.00

    The completed application and required documents are delivered to the township for review by the Zoning administrator. Once all requirements are met and approved, the permit application is sent on to the building inspector, Professional Code Inspections (PCI).

    PCI reviews the plans and documents, verifies construction classification, issues a permit number, and informs the contractor of the permit fees. Fees are payable to Olive Township, but delivered to PCI.

  • Agricultural Buildings

    Agricultural buildings being built on agricultural property at the minimum require a Zoning Permit. Depending on the structure and the amenities added, other permits may also be required. For instance, if there is going to be electrical power to the building an electrical permit is needed.

    Various inspections are required at different times of a construction project. Verify when and what inspections are required for your project by contacting the inspectors.


  • Building Permits & Inspections

    Professional Code Inspection (PCI) issues all building permits and performs building inspections.

    Phone: 616-667-8803
    Fax: 616-667-8869

    1913 Baldwin St., Jenison, MI 49428


  • Plumbing & Mechanical Inspections

    West Shore Inspections, LLC performs plumbing and mechanical inspections. They also perform mechanical and plumbing plan reviews when required.

    Phone: 616-477-4940

    E-mail: Bob@wsillc.biz

  • Electrical Inspections

    Jeff Nyboer
    Phone: 616-610-2897
    Email: jnboerbti@gmail.com