With the passage of Proposal 22-2 in November 2022, voting procedures have changed.

Registering to Vote

To find out if and where you are registered, click here. Once you have registered to vote, you do not need to re-register for each election unless you move. You may register in person at the township office (open M, W, Th, F from 8 am – 4 pm). You may also register to vote online.  

If you register at the township office less than two weeks before any Election (including on Election Day), you must provide a valid photo ID with your Olive Township address on it. If your photo ID doesn’t have your Olive Township address on it, please bring along proof of residency (like a utility bill or bank statement with your name and an Olive Township address on it).


Michigan has No Reason Absentee Voting. That means that any registered voter can choose to vote by Absentee Ballot for any election. Or, registered voters can request to be put on the Permanent Ballot List, which means that they will be mailed a ballot for every election. 

Absentee Ballots for Individual Elections:

If you would like to vote by Absentee Ballot for a specific election, please fill out this form. At that point, a ballot will be mailed to you. Voted absentee ballots should be mailed back or put in the dropbox located in the exterior wall of the township office next to the main office entrance. Don’t forget to sign the envelope! The township hall will also be open from 8 am – 4 pm the Saturday before each election to allow you to vote by absentee ballot. Absentee ballots must be returned by 8 pm on Election Day to be counted.

Permanent Ballot List:

If you would like to vote by Absentee Ballot for all elections, you can join the Permanent Ballot List when you apply for an absentee ballot for an upcoming election. Just check the box next to “automatically send me an absent voter ballot for each future election for which I’m eligible.”

Early Voting :

Registered voters in Michigan may now vote during a 9-day period before each state or federal election. This option is not available before school elections. For more information on Early Voting in Ottawa County, click here

Voting in Person on Election Day:

Both Precinct 1 (West Ottawa School District) and Precinct 2 (Zeeland School District) vote at the township office, located at 6480 -136th Avenue. Polls are open from 7 am – 8 pm on Election Day.