Welcome to Olive Township, a community of thriving agriculture, business and residential neighborhoods cultivated from generations of families in the heart of Ottawa County, Michigan.

Founded through the first election of officers on April 6, 1857, Olive Township selected its first Supervisor, Clerk and Treasurer through the vote of 57 attendees. Today, Olive Township has approximately 2,800 registered voters and the tenth Supervisor of record since its founding. Originally named Eastman Township and extending all the way to Lake Michigan as the western border, Olive Township split in 1915, creating current day Port Sheldon Township.

The early settlements of Olive Township found heavily wooded lands full of pine, hemlock and hardwoods, which were cleared and resulted in some of the most fertile lands in the County. From timber to corn and milk production, the grounds of Olive Township provided prosperous opportunity. Today, its lands continue to do so supporting a variety of fruits, vegetables and livestock as well as small businesses, residences and recreational opportunities.

Where is Olive Township?